The present website is supported by two bodies that between them seek to make better known the work of André Boucourechliev, composer, writer, teacher, radio personnality, and to ensure his ongoing influence. These bodies are the Association des Amis d'André Boucourechliev (The Association of the Friends of André Boucourechliev), set up under the relevant French law of 1901, and the André Boucourechliev Foundation, under the ægis of the Fondation de France.


L'Association des Amis d'André Boucourechliev


Founded in September 1998 under the active presidency of Claude Helffer who premiered many of the composer's piano works, this is a forum for encounters, discussions, and projects, bringing together contemporaries of André Boucourechliev as well as younger composers, performers, musicologists and personal friends.


The Association can boast of having, in a few years, presided over a new edition of the Essai sur Beethoven, the publication of the Third Quartet and of Fragments de Michel-Ange, Boucourechliev's last work, as well as having helped or promoted performances and recordings of his works.


At the same time Alain Poirier edited an important volume for the publisher Fayard (2002), which was at once hailed as a reference.


The creation of an annual composition competition highlighted financial needs that subscriptions alone could not cover.


The André Boucourechliev Foundation


In 2001 Jeanne Boucourechliev proposed :


- to donate to the Association, for a period of 20 years, Boucourechliev's royalties from his musical works, which, added to the subscriptions, will finance its activities ;


- to create, in her own name, a foundation under the ægis of the Fondation de France (it was done that same year), this Foundation taking on the financing of the Competition.


This open composition competition forms the 'object of general interest' that a French foundation is legally obliged to pursue. In addition, the Foundation assists young ensembles with a view to encouraging the performance and diffusion of contemporary music, alongside its promotion of the work of André Boucourechliev.


For some years the system has functioned satisfactorily. The board of directors and the meetings of the Association are a forum for exchanges of views, the establishment of projects and of various collaborations between the differents actors on the music scene.


The present site is an illustration of this fertile collaboration. In order to simplify research, all the activities and projects undertaken by one or other body are grouped into a single archive, the indication of the partner concerned appearing in the documentation itself.


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